Formed in 2002 in Mukilteo, Washington, The Fall of Troy has earned a reputation as one of the most intriguing and innovative bands in the post-hardcore genre. Comprising members Thomas Erak (vocals, guitar), Andrew Forsman (drums), and Tim Ward (bass, vocals), the band quickly gained attention for their technical proficiency and experimental approach to music.

Their debut album, self-titled “The Fall of Troy,” was released in 2003 and immediately caught the attention of fans and critics alike for its blend of intricate guitar work, unconventional time signatures, and aggressive vocals. However, it was their second album, “Doppelgänger,” released in 2005, that catapulted them into the mainstream consciousness. With tracks like “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X,” the band demonstrated their ability to balance complexity with accessibility.

Over the years, The Fall of Troy has continued to evolve, experimenting with various musical styles and even going through lineup changes. Despite these shifts, their core elements—technical wizardry, high-energy performances, and a penchant for pushing musical boundaries—have remained intact.

Known for their captivating live shows and relentless touring schedule, The Fall of Troy has amassed a dedicated following. Their discography includes several full-length albums, EPs, and a number of singles, each showcasing the band’s growth and versatility.