The Spill Canvas is an alternative rock band originating from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Formed in 2002, the band initially started as a solo project for lead vocalist and guitarist Nick Thomas. The current lineup consists of Thomas, Landon Heil (bass), Bryce Job (drums), and Evan Pharmakis (lead guitar), each contributing to the band’s signature blend of emotive lyrics and melodic rock.

Their debut full-length album, “Sunsets and Car Crashes,” released in 2004, showcased Thomas’ poignant lyricism and the band’s acoustic sensibilities. It wasn’t until their follow-up album, “One Fell Swoop,” that the band expanded their sound to include full-band arrangements, leading to a more defined alternative rock style.

The Spill Canvas is perhaps best known for their song “All Over You,” a single from their 2007 album “No Really, I’m Fine.” The song reached a wide audience and solidified the band’s place in the mid-2000s alternative rock scene.

Despite facing lineup changes and hiatuses, The Spill Canvas has continued to produce music that resonates with fans. Their deeply personal songwriting, combined with their ability to craft catchy, meaningful rock songs, has ensured their continued relevance in the ever-changing music landscape.