Until I Wake is an emerging American post-hardcore band that has quickly made waves in the music industry with their dynamic sound and expressive lyrics. Based in Buffalo, New York, the band consists of members James Tatos (vocals), Ryan Ridley (guitar), Alex Barker (bass), and Anthony Dondlinger (drums).

Formed in 2019, Until I Wake quickly grabbed attention with their debut single, “Foundations.” The track, like much of their work, exhibits a seamless blend of heavy riffs, melodic passages, and raw, emotional lyrics. Tatos’ powerful vocals drive the band’s sound, soaring over intricate instrumentation to create a style that is both impactful and emotive.

The band’s rapid rise can be attributed to their authentic approach to post-hardcore, drawing on influences from metalcore and alternative rock, and their commitment to raw, heartfelt songwriting. Despite their relatively short time together, Until I Wake has demonstrated their considerable talent and potential, marking them as a band to watch in the contemporary rock scene.