The Fall of Troy

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The Fall of Troy

Formed in 2002 in Mukilteo, Washington, The Fall of Troy has earned a reputation as one of the most intriguing and innovative bands in the post-hardcore genre. Comprising members Thomas Erak (vocals, guitar), Andrew Forsman (drums), and Tim Ward (bass, vocals), the band quickly gained attention for their technical proficiency and experimental approach to music.

Their debut album, self-titled “The Fall of Troy,” was released in 2003 and immediately caught the attention of fans and critics alike for its blend of intricate guitar work, unconventional time signatures, and aggressive vocals. However, it was their second album, “Doppelgänger,” released in 2005, that catapulted them into the mainstream consciousness. With tracks like “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X,” the band demonstrated their ability to balance complexity with accessibility.

Over the years, The Fall of Troy has continued to evolve, experimenting with various musical styles and even going through lineup changes. Despite these shifts, their core elements—technical wizardry, high-energy performances, and a penchant for pushing musical boundaries—have remained intact.

Known for their captivating live shows and relentless touring schedule, The Fall of Troy has amassed a dedicated following. Their discography includes several full-length albums, EPs, and a number of singles, each showcasing the band’s growth and versatility.


Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Greyhaven is a band that seamlessly blends elements of hardcore, metal, and alternative rock into a distinctive sonic signature. Since their formation, the band has been turning heads with their high-octane performances and thought-provoking lyrics.

Greyhaven first gained significant attention with their early releases, but it was their album “Empty Black,” released in 2018, that truly put them on the map. The album received widespread acclaim for its ambitious musicality and emotional depth, tackling themes ranging from existential dread to societal ills.

Comprised of skilled musicians, Greyhaven is known for their technical prowess and versatility. The band’s intricate guitar riffs, pounding drum patterns, and emotive vocals create an immersive musical landscape that can both energize and haunt listeners.

Over the years, Greyhaven has been steadily rising in the ranks, earning spots on prominent music festivals and sharing stages with notable bands in their genre. Their music appeals to a diverse audience, from hardcore punk fans to those with a taste for progressive metal.

Consistently pushing the boundaries of their sound, Greyhaven is a band that refuses to be pigeonholed. Their commitment to artistic integrity and their knack for crafting compelling, dynamic songs make them a must-watch act in the modern rock landscape.


Hailing from the depths of the underground metal scene, Zeta has carved a niche for themselves with their brutal, uncompromising approach to death metal. Formed in the late 2000s, the band quickly garnered attention for their relentless intensity, complex arrangements, and guttural vocals that send shivers down the spine.

Consisting of a lineup of seasoned musicians, Zeta is known for their technical prowess. Intricate guitar riffs, rapid-fire drumming, and a foundation of deep, chugging bass lines create a soundscape that’s as challenging as it is exhilarating. Their music isn’t just an assault on the senses—it’s a meticulously crafted work of extreme art.

Zeta’s discography is steeped in dark themes, exploring everything from existential dread to the horrors of the human condition. Their lyrics, often delivered in a visceral growl, delve into taboo and thought-provoking subjects, adding an intellectual depth to their brutal sound.

The band has been a regular fixture at death metal festivals and has shared the stage with some of the genre’s biggest names. Known for their high-energy performances, Zeta has the ability to galvanize audiences into frenzied mosh pits, making their live shows a must-experience event for fans of extreme music.

In a genre where it’s hard to stand out, Zeta distinguishes themselves through musical innovation, lyrical profundity, and a relentless pursuit of artistic extremity. Whether you’re a longtime fan of death metal or new to the scene, Zeta offers a raw, powerful experience that’s impossible to ignore.

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